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I Bet You Don’t Know These Startling Facts About the Sun & Tanning

You’re psyched because spring break is around the corner, or you have an awesome vacation coming up, and you want to score the ultimate bronze glow. But what is the best and safest way to tan your skin? While tanning beds, spray tans, tanning lotions, and sunbathing are all popular options, they can mean very different things for your health in the long run... But most of us don’t focus on those details when we are in the moment and all we want is fabulously tanned skin! However, the method that you choose in order to get that tanned skin could actually be harming your health. Of all the methods above, the only one that may actually be safe is...

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The Annoying Skin Imperfection that Is Not Your Best Friend

Whether it’s a sunny vacation you’re going on, or because spring and summer is right around the corner, there comes a time when you start giving more thought to bathing suits and showing off your body. Something that often eludes us as we start to get our legs, butt, abs and arms ready for more skin-baring is that one awful little word: cellulite. That mysterious, lumpy, dimpling of the skin that seems to affect both in-shape and out-of-shape people alike. What’s the deal? What is cellulite, how do we get it, and most importantly, can we get rid of it? Cellulite is actually just fat beneath your skin that is pushing against the connective tissue, causing the lumpy, puckering effect...

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5 Destinations for Memorable 3-Day Weekend Getaways

Whether you’re looking for a romantic time with your other half, some let-your-hair-down fun with your friends, or some much needed rest and relaxation all by yourself, here are some fabulous ideas for ways to spend a long 3-day weekend. They just may inspire you to pick up the phone and start making some plans! 1 ~ Spa Weekend This option is a great choice to do with friends, your boyfriend or spouse, or all by yourself! Start with a search for highly-rated spa “getaways” within drivable distance to where you live. Many spa hotels and resorts offer custom packages that include a one or two night stay, and offer amenities based on your individual preferences. Decide what spa-like features...

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5 Secrets to Sexy, Smooth Legs for Valentine’s Day!

It might be winter, but your skin doesn’t have to feel dry, cracked or itchy, or look pale. You can still have sexy, glowing skin and legs for Valentine’s Day, so you can look and feel your absolute best. Here’s how you do it…   1. Close, gentle shave You definitely won’t feel or look sexy if you're in pain and have band-aids or nicks all over your legs. So let’s make sure you get the cleanest, closest, and most effective shave. Set the water temperature to warm, which will open your pores, and do everything else in your shower or bath routine first to give your leg hair time to soften. Then, use a rich, luxurious shaving cream and...

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10 Easy Steps to Being Date-Night-Ready in a Flash!

It’s been a stressful day, but now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy the night! So how do you make the shift from frazzled to totally refreshed and renewed?! Here are some easy steps you can take to feel pampered, glowing, and ready for adventure! 1. It all starts with a masque. You know what it feels like when you’ve been neglecting to take care of your face. You start to break out, your skin feels dry or oily, and you just can’t seem to get your make-up to look right no matter what you do. It’s time for a deep cleanse! A deep-cleaning, pore purifying masque will have your face back to healthy, glowing, and fabulous...

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