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5 Secrets to Sexy, Smooth Legs for Valentine’s Day!

It might be winter, but your skin doesn’t have to feel dry, cracked or itchy, or look pale. You can still have sexy, glowing skin and legs for Valentine’s Day, so you can look and feel your absolute best. Here’s how you do it…


1. Close, gentle shave

You definitely won’t feel or look sexy if you're in pain and have band-aids or nicks all over your legs. So let’s make sure you get the cleanest, closest, and most effective shave. Set the water temperature to warm, which will open your pores, and do everything else in your shower or bath routine first to give your leg hair time to soften. Then, use a rich, luxurious shaving cream and a razor with a fresh blade for the ultimate close, painless shave.

2. Scrub the dead skin away!

Next up, it’s time to exfoliate! This step is really important since it helps you shed all the dead skin off your legs, and reveal healthy, refreshed skin underneath. Choose an exfoliator with rich, nourishing, natural ingredients such as botanical oils and pure cane sugar, for all-over buffed and beautiful skin.

3. Give your skin elite hydration

Next up, the perfect toning, firming, softening moisturizers. Start with a body oil that isn’t greasy and instantly melts into your skin for an all-over, unmatched hydrating experience. We think this one smells absolutely heavenly! Then, a firming lotion with cellulite-curbing and ultra-toning properties can help rejuvenate and refresh your legs, getting rid of lines and problem areas, while adding double the moisture.

4. Get a sun-kissed glow

It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you've spent time in the sun, even if you didn’t! Too much time in the sun can lead to dry skin, wrinkles and sun spots, so a great alternative is a sunless tanning lotion. Chose one that is lightweight, with rich, therapeutic, anti-aging properties for an all over glow and complete skin wellness.

5. Pick the perfect leg-accentuating outfit

Even if it’s too cold for you to go barelegged, there are other ways to dress for sexy legs. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, add a pair of sheer stockings. Try a bit of a heel with a pointed toe to further elongate your legs, and opt for a shoe color that matches your leg or stocking color, to create a never-ending leg effect. Avoid ankle straps since they shorten the appearance of the legs. And if you prefer pants, dark colors have a more slimming effect, and high waisted items will also give you more length.

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