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The Clay That Doesn’t Play! The new Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque is pore-fect for ALL skin types

Hot, bold, and beautiful reality TV star and creator of the Kashmere Kollections beauty line, Kim Zolciak, has just launched the brand’s long-awaited, very first facial product.  

Introducing the complexion-perfecting, clay-based purifying masque designed for ALL skin types! If there is only one masque you’ll ever use, it’s this one – the best purifying masque on the market.

The Clay that Doesn’t Play

Traditionally, clay-based facial masques were intended to cleanse, treat, and purify oilier, more problematic skin types, since the serum-sopping ingredient tends to leave a dry, often too-tight after-feeling.  

As a result, drier, normal/combination, sensitive, and more mature skin tones swayed in the direction of mud masking, due to the mud’s compound properties striking the skin-perfecting balance of equal parts detoxification and hydration.  

But, Kim and her tireless team of beauty buffs insisted they could concoct a complexion-correcting, clay-based cocktail mix of deep pore-purification, plus long-lasting hydration, and anti-aging benefits to boot.  Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all your facial masque needs – Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque.

Loaded with anti-aging, collagen-boosting sea algae extracts, this skin-safe kaolin-based clay masque instantly de-gunks pores, while pharmaceutical-grade glycolic acid gently sloughs away dulling, superficial surface cells, revealing radiant, refined, refreshed skin.  Beautifying licorice extract brightens, tones, and tightens complexion to pore-fection.  Hyaluronic acid plumps, prettifies, and protects susceptible lipid barrier from moisture, leaving skin feeling dewy and deliciously soft and supple.  

Anti-aging powerhouse antioxidants perfect and protect skin against daily environmental aggressors.  Pores minimized, anti-aging benefits maximized. Your end-of-the-week do-it-all, there really isn’t anything this purifying masque cannot do!

Why a Masque is a Maintenance-Must: The Beautifying Benefits of a Clay-Based Masque

A pore-fect must for your anti-aging arsenal, this multi-tasking Purifying Masque resets, recharges, and re-boots your complexion after a long, stressed, cosmetics-filled week.  

In other words, it’s like un-doing all the damage and distress your skin goes through on the daily, and then some.  Clay masking is essential and boasts beneficial qualities to any skincare regimen, as it is a power horse at cleansing, pore-purifying, lifting, tightening, and wrinkle-reducing.  

Unsure or confused about how often or when to do a clay mask?  Depending on how much makeup fills your face weekly, or your individual skin type will determine the frequency of this weekly facial must.  

If you tend to wear makeup daily and/or have oilier skin, it is highly recommended to mask 2-3 times weekly.  If you prefer to go bare-faced most days of the week and/or have a more dry skin tone, doing a clay mask once or twice weekly usually works wonders.  

Remember, this Purifying Masque is formulated with skin-sloughing glycolic acid, which can prove irritating to some sensitive types, so doing a patch test is recommended.  If you have sensitive skin and your patch test is a go, then a once-weekly application should suit your skin beautifully.  

City dwellers should mask at least two times weekly to rid pores of pollution, smog, smokes, and other toxins.  If you’re prepping for a hot date or cool event, this Purifying Masque will set the stage for glowing, gorgeous skin, as it preps, primes, and cleans the canvas for a smooth, no-fail makeup application.  You’ll notice a pink, flushed face after each treatment, but this is just oxygen and minerals being supplied to your skin, breathing much-needed life back into it.  

This Purifying Masque can also be used head-to-toe for a relaxing and recharging at-home, all-over body boost any time of the week.  As with any skincare regimen, put your best face forward and be sure to always slather on a sun protection factor of at least 30 on all sun-exposed areas every day –rain or shine.  



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