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6 Crazy Simple Ways to Treat Yourself Like a Queen EVERY DAY

It’s been a long day. You’re tired. Your feet ache. And everyone is nagging you! We all know that feeling of being stretched in different directions when all you want to do is relax. Pamper yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally with these techniques: 1. Close the door (literally). How long has it been since you’ve spent some time alone? It should be a daily occurrence. If it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours, every amount helps. Whether you close the door to your favorite room or close off communications by silencing your cellphone, you deserve it. Now do whatever you want…in peace! 2. Write down things you love about yourself (yes, really). You may think this seems childish, but there’s power...

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5 Ultimate Ways to Crush Your Beauty Goals Right Now

You made a vow to start taking better care of yourself, and heal the beauty woes you’ve long endured. The trouble is, you have no idea where to begin. Fret not because we have a plan to help you make your skincare wishes, realities: 1. Seriously Smooth Skin Your skin easily gets dry, cracked, red and irritated. Ouch! Two words…body oil. If you’ve never invested in one of these heavenly items, get on that NOW for intensely hydrated, silky smooth skin with no greasy feeling. 2. A Radiant Complexion If you can’t figure out why you’re always breaking out, or your skin looks tired, dull, and downright drab, you need to add a masque to your weekly routine. Instantly gratifying,...

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Reach Your #BodyGoals: The New Kashmere Kollections Sexy Skin Starter Set You Need

Give (and GET) the Gift of Gorgeous, Glowing Skin It’s that time of year again, dolls!  The holidays are here and the long-awaited, just-launched beauty line from none other than the sassy, sexy reality TV star, Kim Zolciak, has the perfect prettifying package to give any gal on your list – including yourself!   The Kashmere Kollections Skin Tight Body-Boosting Bundle features Kim’s top three skin-perfecting picks from her premier line that will get your body toned, tight, and tanned in no time.   This take-anywhere kit makes the perfect birthday, baby shower, mommy makeover, or holiday gift for all the gals in your life that want gorgeous, glowing skin STAT.   Have a friend that just had a baby?  She’ll...

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The Clay That Doesn’t Play! The new Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque is pore-fect for ALL skin types

Hot, bold, and beautiful reality TV star and creator of the Kashmere Kollections beauty line, Kim Zolciak, has just launched the brand’s long-awaited, very first facial product.   Introducing the complexion-perfecting, clay-based purifying masque designed for ALL skin types! If there is only one masque you’ll ever use, it’s this one – the best purifying masque on the market. The Clay that Doesn’t Play Traditionally, clay-based facial masques were intended to cleanse, treat, and purify oilier, more problematic skin types, since the serum-sopping ingredient tends to leave a dry, often too-tight after-feeling.   As a result, drier, normal/combination, sensitive, and more mature skin tones swayed in the direction of mud masking, due to the mud’s compound properties striking the skin-perfecting...

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All You Need to Know About Fake Tans, Sun Burn & Tanning Lotions

Indoor Tanning Lotion… A Safe Way to Get That Bronze Glow Sunless Tanning Lotions Are Typically Safer Than Sun Bathing – However, You Should Avoid a Spray Tan... Fake tans are on the rise in popularity. A lot of women are realizing that it is easier and safer to just simulate a tan rather than actually braving the ultraviolet rays from the damaging effects of the sun. Even one bad case of sun burn can increase your chance of melanoma and those cases are on the rise. Surprisingly, more and more adults under 40 are being diagnosed with skin cancer every year A tan is essentially your skins response to being damaged and injured. A burn, or redness and inflammation,...

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