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50% OFF Witches Brew Ultrasonic Diffuser + FREE $10 Gift Card + FREE E-Book

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Germs and other pollutants are no match for this high powered diffuser. Reap the therapeutic rewards of your oils while it leaves your home with cleaner, healthier air. Enjoy 50% Off the Witches Brew Diffuser plus a FREE $10 E-Gift Card & FREE Essential Oils Recipe E-Book.

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  • The Kashmere Witches Brew is a powerful diffuser that gently releases your favorite fragrance, at 15 second on/off intervals or continuously. Ultrasonic technology transforms the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist and dispenses it into the surroundings while producing negative ions which help to lift your mood and relieve stress. It also helps to moisturize and refresh the quality of air you breathe. It is an easy way to transform the dull and ordinary into an inviting and relaxing space.


    • The safe auto shut-off option leaves you to enjoy essential oils worry and hassle free, set your timer for 60 min, 120 min or leave it on continuously.
    • Remote controlled
    • Easy On/Off button to adjust your diffusers lights, cycle your light colors or set a color of your choosing.
    • Control diffuser misting power at a high, medium, or low level.
    • The Kashmere Witches Brew Diffuser is the perfect gift for the hard to shop for friend, teacher or family member.


    Unit: Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

    Mist Duration: 11-22 Hours

    Tank Capacity: 500mL

    Timed Modes: 1H / 2H / INT

    Dimensions: 211 X 166 X 96 MM

  • How to Use

    1. Take off the top cap and the inner tank lid of the diffuser
    2. Fill the tank with water
    3. Add a few drops (6-12) of your preferred essential oil into the water
    4. Place the tank lid and top cap back on and plug the unit into a power outlet
    5. press the Mist button and enjoy! *Please take into consideration that it may take 5-10 minutes for the stream to reach its fullest strength

    Suggested Use:

    1. To promote relaxation and restful sleep add 6-12 drops of Kashmere Bulgarian Lavender Oil
    2. To aid in reducing of inflammatory processes and/or congestion add 6-12 drops of Kashmere Eucalyptus or Bergamot Oil
    3. To improve cognitive function add 6-12 drops of Kashmere Peppermint or Italian Lemon Oil

    Does it light up?

    Absolutely. With the easy On/Off button to adjust your diffusers lights, you can cycle your light colors or set a color of your choosing. If you're not a fan of lights or simply need to get some rest, you may always run your diffuser with the lights off.

    When should I use it?

    Feel free to use your diffuser anytime. Some wonderful places to place your diffuser is in your living room to create an inviting atmosphere, on your nightstand to coax you to sound slumber or at your desk at work to ease stress during your busy day.

    There isn’t a lot of mist coming out of my diffuser, how can I make it thicker?

    First, check that the water level in your bowl is correct. Filling your diffuser past the Max fill line will reduce the free space inside the unit where the mist builds up and may cause the mist to come out a little thinner at first. We recommend filling the water slightly below the max fill line.

    Secondly, make sure the unit is sitting on a hard, flat surface. Do not place it on something soft, like a towel that could absorb the ultrasonic vibrations. Lastly, make sure the unit is not sitting directly under an air vent that may be dispersing the mist.

    Will it make my table wet?

    Misting vapor clouds may condense into water on the surrounding area - we call this the "diffuser dew". To prevent moisture from damaging your furniture around the diffuser, sit it on a plant tray or an old plate. However not all diffusers mist in a downward way. If they do, elevate the diffuser on a box made of plastic that can easily be cleaned of any moisture.


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