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We understand that life gets complex. Some days you just want to kick back and relax, and other days you may need some pep in your step! No need to super-size your coffee or relay on your massage therapist. Our Blends Bundle aims to give you a natural way to set the mood that fits your lifestyle.

What's in it:

Calm Mind Blend Oil
Relax your mind and body with the woodsy, mint aroma of Marjoram, the soothing scent of Lavender, with a blissful touch of citruses and warm inviting notes of vanilla. This blend was specifically formulated to help relieve you of the tensions, aches, and pains you may be experiencing.

Vitality Blend Oil
Invigorate your senses, revitalize your energy and enhance your creativity with a spicy touch of cinnamon bark and clove, along with the uplifting scent of orange, and the purifying aroma of eucalyptus.

How to use:
Apply these oils topically onto the temples, neck, collarbones, pulse points, and soles of the feet to enjoy the benefits.


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