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Kashmere Facial Brush


A versatile, high-quality facial brush with a custom wooden handle for a mess-free, smooth application.

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  • Kashmere Facial Brush

    This custom brush features a wooden handle that allows you to easily and evenly apply your Kashmere Masque. Delicate yet durable, our brush provides a mess-free application so you don't waste product. The expert tip easily bends to precisely apply your product.


    ✔️ Smoother application 

    ✔️ Even application

    ✔️Protecting the skin from oils and bacteria from hand


    Made From:

    Tip: High-quality synthetic hair

    Handle: Wooden 

    Accent: Aluminum Ferrule

  • How to Use

    First, cleanse your skin before masque application. Dip or apply the Kashmere masque onto the Facial Brush. Next, in gentle strokes, apply your masque center of the face outwards, starting at the forehead. Apply uniformly close to the eyes, around the nose, mouth and neck for an even immaculate finish. Rinse brush with cool water after use, and allow to air dry.

  • FAQ

    Why should I be using a Facial Brush?

    It gives the most precise application to eliminate waste. It also helps to keep the face free of oil and bacteria from your hands.

    Should I use the same amount of product as usual?

    Since the brush distributes the masque in a thin and even layer, you will need to use a lesser amount. A little bit goes a long way.

    What the clean up routine is like?

    Rinse brush with cool water after use, and allow to air dry.


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