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Sweet Orange

  • An intense, sweet, citrus scent
  • Uplifts mood, reduces stress and promotes calmness
  • Apply topically for radiant and smooth skin

French Lavender

  • Camphorous floral scent
  • Helps boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Promotes feelings of peace and restfulness
  • Apply topically to help calm redness, soothe skin, and fight acne

Italian Lemon

  • Zesty, citrus scent
  • Eases stress, fights fatigue and reduces feelings of depression
  • Apply topically to revive skin's complexion and combat bacteria


  • Fruity floral scent
  • Helps to balance emotion and elevate mood
  • Apply topically to help ease pain and purify skin's imperfections

Italian Blood Orange

  • Warm, tangy citrus scent
  • Elevates mood, combats depression and promotes positive energy
  • Apply topically to help reduce redness and inflammation

Italian Pink Grapefruit

  • Fresh, citrus scent
  • Reduces stress, enhances mood and increases energy
  • Apply topically to help increase circulation and reduce excess oils on skin and scalp


  • Minty, pine with a hint of honey scent
  • Helps boost immune system, disinfects the air and eases congestion
  • Apply topically to ease pain and fight bacteria

Tea Tree Oil

  • Medicinal, fresh and woodsy scent
  • Helps fight infections and alleviate chest and head congestion
  • Apply topically to help calm inflammation, speed up healing and reduce the severity of dandruff


  • Fresh minty scent
  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Apply topically to help reduce muscle aches and itching

Calm Mind

  • Warm, herbaceous, citrus and vanilla scent
  • Promotes calmness and reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Apply topically to help ease headaches and stress


  • Floral, sweet and spicy scent
  • Increases energy, memory retention and feelings of happiness
  • Apply topically to help reduce feelings of stress


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