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Stress Relief Bundle

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Relax the mind and body with the healing and calming benefits of these three essential oils. Diffuse throughout the day or before bed to help alleviate stress and improve overall mood and sleep.

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    What's included:

    French Lavender Oil - Lavender Oil is one of the most commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant helps promotes calmness and wellness. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and even mild pain.

    Bergamot Oil - Commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood and alleviate stress, bergamot oil is said to have antiseptic and pain-relieving properties. Historically, the oil was commonly used in Italian folk medicine to treat problems related to digestion, skin health, and fever.

    Pink Grapefruit Oil -  Grapefruit Oil invokes a sense of clarity and can help to uplift mood. With its powerful cleansing properties, Grapefruit essential oil is valued for its skincare benefits and ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin when applied topically. 

    White Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet - Looking for a way to combine a beautiful bracelet with the ability to use your essential oils? The Kashmere Lava Stone Bracelet is the perfect way to diffuse your favorite essential oil and enjoy the benefits all day long.


    How to Use

    These essential oils are for aromatic and topical use only. Diffuse or inhale directly. To use topically, dilute with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation.

    To use your Kashmere Essential Oils on your lava stone bracelet, simply place several drops on the white lava stones and allow them to quickly dry. Place bracelet on your wrist and you are ready to enjoy your beautiful bracelet, as well as your essential oils, which can last up to 3 days on the lava stones.

    Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Consult a physician before use if you are nursing or pregnant. Not recommended for diffusing or topical use on children under age 6.


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