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Sunless Tanning Lotion 1 oz



Sunless Tanning Lotion (1oz):

Sunbathing is a thing of the past! Practice safe sun with sunless tanning lotion and look like a bronzed, beach goddess in the process! Prime your skin with the Silken Body Polish for smooth and flawless application of your sunless tanner, and say goodbye to sun tanning and say hello to red carpet year-round glow.

This lightweight, self-tanning lotion is expertly formulated with anti-aging ivy and seaweed extracts, all beautifully imbued in a base of hydrators, such as sweet almond oil and avocado and Shea butter. Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, B3, and E to prettify, perfect, and protect skin from environmental aggressors.


Shower and exfoliate with Kashmere Silken Body Polish.

Once the skin is completely dry, apply self-tanning lotion to both face and body using long, even strokes.

Allow to dry completely before getting dressed. Wash hands thoroughly after use or use latex gloves during application.

Wait at least 6-8 hours before bathing, swimming, or showering. Tan will begin to develop in approximately 3-4 hours and will continue to deepen over 12 hours.

For a buildable, more customized color, apply Sunless Tanning Lotion until the desired bronzed glow is achieved.



DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) – A harmless sugar molecule that when comes into contact with the amino acids of the skin, temporarily turns skin a believable, beautiful bronze hue. This sun-kissed color usually lasts between 5-7 days, then begins to fade as skin naturally sheds and exfoliates.

Sweet Almond Oil – A botanical oil extracted from the seeds of almond kernels, this deeply hydrating, nourishing, and conditioning oil instantly melts into skin, leaving a sexy-soft, feather-light feel, while repairing damage done to the skin and restoring its luster and luminosity. This exceptionally nutritive oil is power-packed with vitamin E to fight free radical damage, plus essential fatty acids, minerals, and skin-strengthening proteins.


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