Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree oil is renowned for its practically endless number of uses, particularly for the skin. It’s become an increasingly popular active ingredient in a wide variety of cosmetic products like skin and nail creams, massage oils and face wash, thanks to not only its natural antiseptic action, but its potent anti-inflammatory abilities. There is no doubt that this oil is one that should be on the shelves of all medicine cabinets.

Brag-Worthy Beauty Benefits

  • Helps to prevent infections in cuts, acne, burns and boils.
  • Aids in the treatment of coughs, bronchial congestion, and pulmonary inflammation.
  • Repels bugs naturally.


A medicinal megastar, tea tree oil has been a medicine cabinet companion in Australia for over 100 years and typically used for minor skin irritations. Melaleuca, a globally renown skincare ingredient, will change how you take care of your skin.

House & Spa Treatments

  • Add a few drops in your washing machine to scent your clothes. Also, if you forgot to put the clothes in the dryer, run again with tea tree oil to remove mildew. You can also scent wool dryer balls with tea tree oil.
  • Add two to three drops to your bath to help with anxiety & self confidence.
  • Add two drops to a cotton ball and apply to affected area to help speed up healing of infected cuts and insect bites.
  • To help heal acne, add two to three drops to a carrier oil and apply to your face or other affected areas nightly.


Place 2-3 drops in the diffuser of choice and breathe your way to invigorated restoration.

Using Apricot Kernel Seed Carrier Oil, dilute 2 drops, and massage onto your desired area. Can also be fused with skincare cleanser to increase cleansing capabilities.

Aromatic Description

Menthol and medicinal with a fresh, woodsy undertone.

Extraction Method: Steam-distilled

Plant Type: Leaves

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If you’re pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor before using. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, groin, and other sensitive areas. For topical use only, do not ingest. Keep clear liquid away from direct contact with fire.