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View All Posts - 7 ways to prep for date night on Valentine's
Why does one of the most romantic days of the year cause us panic and anxiety? Let's face it, Valentine's date night can be stressful regardless if you are celebrating it with a new love or a well-burning flame. Aside from being your irresistible self, you want to look beautiful and feel confident. 

Here's a checklist of seven easy tips for making you feel fabulous and looking hot, even on a cold February night. 

Step #1: Just breathe
Diffuse Kashmere Lavender Oil to help calm your nerves while prepping for date night on Valentine's
First date nerves? If you're feeling extra stressed and anxious, diffuse some Kashmere Lavender Oil to the Witches Brew Diffuser while getting ready to help you relax.


Step #2: Wash your face 
This is the night to put your best face forward and to do that you need to start with the most essential step in your facial routine. The delicate skin on your face needs special care when removing dirt and bacteria without removing all the natural oils. Kashmere's Facial Cleansing Gel gently cleanses leaving your complexion soft and refreshed, not stripped and dry.

Step #3: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate
Are you hoping that the miracle-working treatments that firm and lift won't let you down tonight? If you're not exfoliating, those age-reversing ingredients might just be sitting on top of dead skin. Such a waste! Let the enzyme power of pumpkin and sugar in the Kashmere Phyto-Almond Pumpkin Facial Polish melt away the old while letting the nutrient-rich oils in, to reveal new ageless-looking skin.

Step #4: Mask it till you make it
Coconut Rose Face Mask to prep for a date night on Valentine's Day
Date night might be a great reason to dress up, but more importantly, it's a greater reminder to take some time for yourself. Light a candle, turn on some tunes and relax while your Kashmere Coconut Rose Masque does all the work. Infused with coconut and rose flower to give skin a boost of antioxidants and hydration, leaving your complexion with a radiance that shines bright even in dim, romantic lighting.

Step #5: Polish to perfection 
It's cold outside but if you want to look sexy for your Valentine’s date, a turtle neck pullover might not be the way to go. Buff your body to beautiful with the Kashmere Silken Body Polish and show some skin. Finely milled sugar along with rich skin-loving oils buff away rough and bumpy patches, leaving you silky and touchably smooth. Remember, confidence is the best accessory to add to any outfit.

Step #6: Size matters
You know the saying, "go big or go home". We say go big! The Kashmere Reviving Hair Perfume reduces annoying static, adds incredible body and subtle shine that gives your hair some attitude. It lightly veils your locks in Kashmere's signature fragrance that will turn heads. 

Step #7: Get glowing 
Get glowing skin this Valentine's with the Toning Oil
Ready to step out for the night with your "effortless" just-got-back-from-the-spa skin? The Kashmere Toning Oil is your secret weapon. Not only does this luxurious blend of oils hydrate dry skin but it also envelops your skin in a sexy, irresistible scent and a glow that radiates from every angle. 

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