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About Us

Kashmere is a luxury beauty and lifestyle brand inspired by the signature star status style of our founder, the sexy, sassy television personality, Kim Zolciak. The irrepressible star's tireless team of beauty buffs, skincare savants, scientists, and researchers use scientifically-advanced technology synergized with timeless, consummate bio-active ingredients to create the next-generation, results-driven skincare in Kashmere Kollections. The burgeoning beauty brand features the soon-to-be-cult-classic, Luxurious Toning Oil, the gentle, but deep-cleansing and body-buffing Silken Body Polish, the skin-smoothing and curve-contouring Firming Lotion, and the sun-smart Sunless Tanning Lotion to rock your own personal red carpet!

Kim personally formulated Kashmere Kollections alongside renowned cosmetic chemist, Susan Goldsberry - the genius mastermind behind some of the industry’s most innovative, legendary products EVER. It’s hard to walk the aisles of any beauty retailer or visit a department store cosmetics counter without being unwittingly surrounded by Susan’s skincare creations and beauty potions. From advanced anti-aging skincare formulas that drive billions in sales yearly, to creative hair care wares that enable hairdressers to reach new levels of artistry, Susan’s work is replicated and esteemed by the best in the business! Plus, Susan has spent her entire career as an R&D chemist. For Kashmere, she leads a team of senior chemists, quality control specialists, and regulatory experts with over 100 years combined expertise.  Keep your eye out for what's coming next! There's nothing these two unstoppable ladies can't do.