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As we ring in the 2021, many of us thought mask wearing would be left in 2020, but it seems face coverings are going to stay for the new year. It’s a simple step that helps keep us safe, but it’s time to rethink and adjust our skincare regimen to cater to the new normal.

Breakouts from the long-term usage of face masks has become so common that we already have a name for it: maskne. Wearing fitted masks can trap oil, sweat, dead skin cells, and other particles around your face, which often leads to inflammation and irritation. Your skincare routine may have worked perfectly in the past, but it probably wasn’t designed with constantly wearing face masks in mind. If you’re looking for ways to combat maskne, here are our top tips to avoid and remedy breakouts!

Tip #1: Keep Your Face Masks Clean

Our first tip may sound like a no-brainer, but we want to emphasize the importance of keeping your masks clean. Whether you’re using cotton, cloth, or surgical masks, keeping them clean is the first step to avoiding maskne. Masks do a wonderful job limiting the spread of germs and bacteria, but as mentioned previously, they also trap particles that irritate the skin. Spreading layers of dirt and oil on your face creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which can result in maskne, so don’t forget to frequently wash your masks (and hands)!

Tip #2: Stick with Gentle Cleansers

Next, avoid harsh cleansers that can dry out your skin. You many think you need a heavy-duty face wash to remove all the built-up oil from wearing a face mask, but over-cleansing your skin can do more harm than good. If you excessively strip away the natural oil on your skin, it will compensate by producing even more oil and sebum, which leads to a vicious cycle of constantly over-washing your face.

Instead, use a gentle cleanser, like our Cleansing Facial Gel, to effectively remove oil, dirt, and make-up without over drying your skin. Made with coconut, this face wash has a plush gel texture that lathers beautifully to clean your face while leaving a light veil of moisture afterwards. This face wash is formulated without parabens, mineral oils, and phthalates to suit a wide variety of skin types including dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin.

Tip #3: Find Products with Active Ingredients

This next tip may require a little bit of research and time, but we recommend finding products with active ingredients created to target specific skin issues. For example, products with salicylic acid or retinol are great for oily, acne prone skin while hyaluronic based products help retain moisture for dryer skin. Incorporating products with quality active ingredients that fit your needs personalizes your skincare ritual to help you feel and look your best. Just make sure to first conduct a patch test, as some products with higher amounts of active ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.

One of our favorite active ingredients is glycolic acid because it’s a gentle exfoliant that removes dead surface cells while brightening the skin to reduce texture and dullness. That’s why we suggest the Glycolic Skin Corrector Daily Moisturizer to help hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate your skin. 


With 10% glycolic acid alongside a blend of antioxidant rich oils, this is the perfect moisturizer to help minimize maskne and fine lines. Use in the morning or evening after cleansing with the Cleansing Facial Gel by massaging a dime size amount evenly across your face to promote smooth glowing skin.

Tip #4: Incorporate Masks

Supplement your skincare ritual and incorporate face masks to optimize your regimen! Not only are masks a relaxing self-care treatment, but they are also a fantastic way to focus on problems you may be having with your skin. There are countless masks you can choose from, but below are our top choices.

Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask

The Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask is our mask of choice to use for busy nights. There’s no need to wash it off, just apply a generous layer as the last step of your PM routine (three times a week or as needed) and wake up with supple and hydrated skin! It’s formulated with soothing lipids and 2.3% hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain maximum moisture that is especially helpful for dry or irritated patches caused by face coverings and harsh cold weather.

Purifying Facial Mask

If dry skin isn’t a main concern, try the Purifying Facial Mask to fight hyperpigmentation, maskne, and fine lines. This mask, like the Skin Corrector Moisturizer, contains glycolic acid to slough away and exfoliate the outermost layer of dead cells to reveal a radiant complexion. It even has kaolin clay to draw out excess oil and sebum from your pores to minimize the appearance of blackheads. Apply this once a week to cleansed skin as a regular mask or use it to spot treat breakout/maskne areas.

Tip #5: Opt for a Simpler Routine

Our final tip? Less is more. Allow your skin to breathe by minimizing face make-up and choose gentle yet effective products made with minimal ingredients. Your skin can react from the environment, hormones, and lifestyle changes, so it’s crucial to adjust your skincare products to those changes for optimal skin health. Using the right products is a huge part to maintaining healthy skin, but we can’t forget the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Make sure you’re getting proper rest, hydration, and nutrition to own and love the skin you’re in!

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