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When you hear the word "pampering"- what comes to mind? It's most likely not a day of power-shopping through an overcrowded mall or a big dinner out that leaves you reaching for the tums. Ask any woman what her idea of pampering is and she will likely tell you it's a day in the spa. What is it about the spa we love so much? For most of us, it is those little touches that turn something ordinary - into extraordinary.  

Wish you could create your day of bliss right at home? You can! When choosing your spa accessories you should consider the following factors:

Keep it simple. High tech expensive tools may lure you in but they require care after each use - not to mention they take up storage space. Maintenance free means stress-free. 

Look for deals.  Many companies will offer at home spa accessory kits so you can get the most bang for your buck. Remember, a spa day is always more fun with a mother, sister or friend. If you find a great kit - think about one for you and one for them, too. Spa Accessories Bundle

Keep it environmentally friendly
- Avoid accessories that are one-time use only. Reusable items will help avoid waste and are more kind to the environment long term. 

We've put together a list of the must-have home spa essentials to make it simple for you. Spa Accessories Bundle

Spa Gloves - Wake up your skin! These exfoliating wonders remove dead cells from your skin's surface, prevent clogged pores and stimulate circulation so that the skin can breathe freely.

Spa Towel - Cozy, wrap and dry! This luxury towel is super soft, ultra plush and dries incredibly quickly. The elegant but whimsical pattern will make you feel like you are VIP. 

Spa Headwrap - Simple solution! No more hair-breaking rubber bands to hold your hair back when you have this soft microfiber wrap. This is the ideal solution while washing your face or applying your Kashmere Masque

Detangling Comb - Treat your hair and scalp! This is the pain-free way to maximize all the benefits of your hair treatments. This wide tooth comb evenly distributes your Kashmere Hair Masque while gently cleansing and massaging your scalp to increase circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Facial Loofah - Get glowing! No spa facial is complete without exfoliation. Specially designed for delicate skin, this mitt gently removes dead skin and surface impurities. Perfect for removing any residue from makeup or skin treatments to leave skin revitalized-and tingly clean. 

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