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Hanging out with a group of girls and at a loss on what to chat about? All you have to do is utter the two words “sensitive skin” – talk about a conversation starter!

As a matter of fact, in a recent survey conducted by Gillette, 99.6% of all women worldwide identify their skin as sensitive. And the degree of sensitivity varies from one person to the other. But what is causing this onslaught of reactionary skin that includes redness, flakiness, rosacea, dry patches, eczema, and even dermatitis?

When the skin’s protective barrier gets damaged, it creates small, invisible cracks in the skin. Through these cracks, moisture can easily escape throwing off balance and allowing foreign and our bad surface bacteria, to dominate our good bacteria. Irritants can enter more easily. Essentially, your skin has lost its protective bodyguard.

A few precautionary steps day to day can help ensure the balance and health of your skin and have a dramatic effect on reducing sensitive skin reactions.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing with a mild non-fragranced liquid facial cleanser can decrease the potential for skin irritation. The Kashmere Cleansing Facial Gel was formulated with your sensitive skin in mind. It contains coconut derived cleansing ingredients combined with light moisture-enhancing ingredients to thoroughly clean your skin without disrupting the pH or balance of your barrier, fragrance-free.

2. Exfoliate

While exfoliation is a key to a healthy, smooth complexion – it is important not to over scrub. The good news is you don’t have to avoid at home exfoliation with the Kashmere Silicone Loofah. This soft, antibacterial loofah helps to relieve dry, flakey patches like those with rosacea commonly experience. And at the same time helps eliminate clogged pores while reducing the opportunity for bacteria build up on those with acne prone skin.

3. Moisturize

The best way to ensure balance in your skin is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. This means a combination of water and natural skin compatible oils. The Kashmere Coconut Rose Masque gives your skin a surge of moisture and antioxidants while rose flower extract reduces the look of irritation and redness. A synergistic blend of coconut oil and shea butter leave your skin with a natural healthy radiance in just one use.

The Kashmere Sensitive Skin Bundle will change the conversation about sensitive skin, and change the way you feel about your skin!

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