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View All Posts - Beauty challenge - Skin care The 7-Day Challenge Your Skin Will Love

What does your daily skincare routine look like? You keep promising yourself you’re going to start a regimen next month – but next month never seems to come. Getting in the habit of a good daily skin care routine can seem like a daunting task. Why not start by focusing on just tomorrow. With each new day, develop one good habit. Before you know it, a week has gone by and you are on your way to a life-long habit for beautiful, ageless skin.

Day 1 -Massage your skin while cleansing

Instead of a quick cleanse and rinse – take a few moments to gently massage your face to help stimulate facial muscles, increase circulation and give your skin a fresher looking complexion.

Day 2 – Wear your sunscreen

Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, the damaging UV rays are attacking your skin every time you walk out the door. Protect your face, neck, decollete and hands with a broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid premature aging skin. Anti-Aging Whipped SPF 30

Day 3 – Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant is good for your immune system and helps to heal blemishes. Add blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes to your diet every day. 

Day 4 – Exfoliate regularly

Gently buff away the build-up of dead skin cells and let your fresh skin shine through. Exfoliation helps minimize the look of pores, increases healthy cell renewal and allows other treatments to penetrate more effectively. Phyto-Almond Pumpkin Polish

Day 5 – Get your beauty rest

Depriving your body of sleep not only affects your energy, but it also harms your skin. Studies show that poor sleeping habits can accelerate signs of aging. 

Day 6- Treat your neck kindly

 Don’t let “tech neck” creep up on you. Constantly looking down at your cell phone can cause premature wrinkles and folds in your skin. Moisturize and massage your neck daily to keep your skin looking tight, toned and wrinkle free. Ultra Smoothing Body Butter

Day 7 – Make night time, me time

Mornings get rushed with kids, school, work and chores. Take a few minutes each night to pamper yourself from head to toe with your favorite treatments. Slip into bed feeling relaxed and smelling irresistible. Luxurious Toning Oil



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