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Hair loss and hair thinning can seem to appear out of nowhere, but there are actually a few root causes that can explain changes in your hair! Your environment, hormones, stress levels, and nutrition (just to name a few) all play a role in healthy hair, so it’s important to target all aspects of thinning hair.

While things like stress levels and environment require a bit more effort to regulate, you can easily focus on your nutrition with supplements to ensure you’re obtaining all the proper vitamins and minerals to promote strong, thick hair! Although supplements come in different forms including powder or pills, gummies are an easy, enjoyable, and tasty way to incorporate the valuable vitamins you need for luscious locks. Not all hair gummies are created equal, but you can count on Kashmere's new and delicious Healthy Hair Gummies to support your hair growth gains and here’s why!

Why It Works

Kashmere Healthy Hair Gummies are formulated with clinically proven ingredients to nourish the scalp and strands, helping to strengthen and moisturize the hair for a beautiful mane. Not to mention, it’s free of gluten, gelatin, and artificial color to suit a variety of lifestyles and has a natural juicy strawberry flavor. It offers a blend of 11 valuable vitamins and minerals and we’re going to highlight a couple of the key ingredients that are beneficial in the role of healthy hair.



You’ve probably heard about the importance of biotin, but what exactly is it? Biotin is a type of B vitamin that can boost the health of hair, skin, and nails and be found in foods including egg yolks, nuts, soybeans, and more. The Healthy Hair Gummies contain 5000mcg of biotin to support the growth of stronger strands, which can lead to less hair breakage and overall thicker hair.

Vitamin A

Additionally, Healthy Hair Gummies also contain vitamin A, which is vital to all cell growth, hair growth included! Additionally, this particular vitamin helps glands produce oil that moisturizes the scalp to keep hair vibrant and nourished.

Vitamin E

Next, Healthy Hair Gummies provide 18mg of vitamin E, offering antioxidant properties that may support a healthy scalp and assist with hair production. This powerful vitamin could potentially help reduce the amount oxidative stress that break down hair follicle cells in your scalp for stronger, shinier hair.

Mineral Blend

Finally, for complete hair health, these gummies also include a mineral blend of zinc, iodine, and calcium to help you achieve luscious locks from the inside out.

How to Use

To start improving your scalp and hair, simply take two gummies a day for best results. The Healthy Hair Gummies contain higher levels of vitamin A, C, E, and zinc than other top selling gummies, so don’t be surprised if your skin takes on more glow and your nails become stronger, too!


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