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View All Posts - Tips on how to naturally reduce the look of cellulite

Cellulite is completely normal and natural, yet it is one of the top complaints that women have about their bodies. We encourage everyone to love the skin they’re in, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve the appearance of cellulite, if that will help you feel more confident! Although there are no ways to get rid of cellulite, there are methods to minimize the look of them through a mix of the right products and lifestyle. In this article, we’re going to go over our top suggestions to help tighten and smooth out cellulite naturally!

1. Try using products with caffeine

We all know about caffeine’s effect on our energy levels, but what about its effect on the skin? This stimulant may help promote blood flow to your skin by tightening blood vessels, which could potentially smooth skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Find a cream or lotion that has caffeine and other hydrating ingredients for best results!

For a gentle yet effective formula, try the Kashmere Firming Lotion made with caffeine, Butchers Broom, and shea butter to target any dry or uneven skin. This powerful combination helps prevent moisture loss and deeply hydrates the skin while stimulating blood to help you maintain elasticity.

2. Give yourself a lymphatic massage with a scrub

Kill two birds with one stone with this next tip! By using a scrub to promote lymphatic drainage, you’re not only providing circulation to the area, but also buffing away dead skin cells to reveal glowing, radiant skin. Lymphatic drainage is especially helpful if you have inflammation and is a great step to include in your daily routine.

Although there are several scrubs to choose from, the Sweet Almond Milk Silken Body Scrub has botanical rich oils including safflower and sunflower seed oil that nourish the skin while protecting the moisture barrier. It also has finely milled cane sugar to gently exfoliate and even out rough and textured skin, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed.

3. Stay hydrated

There are so many reasons why you should stay hydrated, and improving the appearance of your skin is just one of them! Cells are made up of mostly water, so drinking enough H20 is essential to optimize your overall wellbeing. When you’re in a constant state of dehydration, skin becomes tight, dry, and flaky, which highlights cellulite even more. Additionally, weakened skin is more prone to wrinkles, so keep filling up that water bottle to help achieve a glow from within! 

4. Get in some exercise

Our final tip is exercise! Daily movement is, of course, vital to general health, but it can also help minimize cellulite by toning the muscles in that area. Whether it be walking, yoga, or at-home workouts, incorporate some form of physical activity to build strength and it may be beneficial for a smoother appearance. Keep in mind that cellulite can be genetic, so be gentle and kind to yourself and your skin!



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