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Kashmere Products Shelf Life: 2 Years

Luxurious Toning oil 

Can I use the Kashmere Toning oil on my face?

Although Kashmere Luxurious Body Toning oil is safe to use on your face, it was designed to be used on your body and may be too rich for facial skin. Look for Kim’s new signature treatments targeting the face coming soon.

What are the ingredients in the Kashmere Body Toning oil?

Avena Sativa, Kernel oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum seed oil, Macadamia seed oil, Wheat germ oil, Sunflower extract, Rice Bran extract, Rosemary Leaf extract, Shea Butter, Ethyl Esters, and Fragrance.

What oils are in the Kashmere Body Toning oil?

Tamanu oil, macadamia nut seed oil, wheat germ oil, Calophyllum seed oil, and oat Kernel oil.

How do I use the Kashmere Body Toning oil?

Apply after deep cleansing and body-buffing with Kim’s Kashmere Silken Body Polish. Lightly massage into skin using firm, circular motions.  Also, gives a beautiful, luminous sheen to skin when used over Sunless Tanner. Use to highlight decollete, shoulders, and down fronts of legs for an optimally-slimming, runway-ready effect. 

Sunless Tanning Lotion

How do I use the Kashmere Sunless Tanning Lotion?

For best results, exfoliate with Kashmere Silken Body Polish before application. Apply evenly to clean face and body. Allow the lotion to completely dry before getting dressed. Wash hands thoroughly after use or apply product using latex gloves to protect palms from absorbing color. Don't be an amateur! Color will begin to develop within three hours of application, and continue to deepen over 12 hours.  Avoid exposure to water for at least 8 hours after application. Reapply every few days to maintain your desired level of bronze. The buildable, no-fail formula is completely customizable.  It's tan-tastic!

How does the Kashmere Self Tanner work?

Our self-tanner contains a colorless sugar molecule called DHA that reacts to surface skin cells, causing a color change in the skin. Because only surface cells are affected, which typically come off in 5–7 days, the color lasts the same duration. That’s why it’s important to reapply every few days to keep your desired level of “tan” intact.

Firming Lotion

How do I use the Kashmere Body Firming Lotion?

Apply daily after cleansing or after using Kashmere Silken Body Polish. Massage lightly into any area in need of firming, including tummy, thighs, backs of legs,  bottom,  and upper arms. Helps diminish dreaded dimpling.

Will the Kashmere Body firming Lotion help with cellulite?

Keeping skin exfoliated and hydrated helps improve the appearance of any skin imperfections, including cellulite. Exercise and diet helps, too! But, we all deserve a little instant gratification, so slather it on! 

Silken Body Polish Sugar Scrub

How do I use the Kashmere Silken Body Polish?

The Sugar Scrub should be applied in the shower and gently rubbed in a circular motion over your entire body to increase circulation and purify pores of cellulite-causing toxins. Yes, please! 


How long do the products take to work?

Kim’s favorite duo improves skin immediately after use. The Sugar Scrub removes dull, damaged surface skin cells for refined, fresher, smoother skin, while the Luxurious Toning oil immediately hydrates and nourishes. But, as with all high-performance skincare regimens, you need to be consistent and fully committed to using the products. 

What type of cord is used for the diffuser?

A standard 2 prog US power cord is used.

Are Kashmere treatments natural?

Kim believes in using the purest, most natural and effective ingredients in her products. Wherever possible, natural ingredients are used and carefully blended to create a truly effective and luxurious spa-like effect.

Are there parabens in Kim’s products?

No, there are no parabens or any other incriminating ingredients in any Kashmere product.

Why does my discount code not work?

Often times Kashmere Kollections will roll out new products and promotions, and they may not be compatible with discount codes, which are intended for certain items at certain times, or for specific price points in the cart.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! However, Kashmere Kollections is not responsible for any customs duties and tax charges to customers upon receipt of your package.

How do I change or modify my order placed?

You can contact customer support through the Live chat, Email:, or Phone: 1 800-323-1938.

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