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Stretch marks scream “I gave birth!” or “Hell yeah, I lost weight!” They can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them.

According to Mayo Clinic, it’s estimated that 80% of people have stretch marks and in addition to pregnancy, they can appear from weight loss, weight gain, change in hormones, or even health conditions.

The good news is that treatment and time can help tighten the skin, reduce inflammation, improve skin texture and dramatically fade these marks.

Buff away the barrier of dead, dull skin cells with the Silken Body Scrub. The granulated texture will also help smooth out dry, patchy, rough-textured skin, including scarring, leaving skin renewed and soft to the touch. 

Lavish and tone with the Luxurious Toning Oil. Ultra-rich nourishing oils of Macadamia, Tamanu, and Wheat Germ boost collagen production, increase elasticity, and help skin recover from trauma - leaving it toned and silky. A refreshing, tropical scent of verbena with a hint of coconut and lime invigorates the senses and will keep you coming back for more.

Tighten and firm with the Firming Lotion. This quick-absorbing cream helps increase skin elasticity. The powerful combination of Caffeine and Butcher’s Broom purifies pores while also tightening the look of loose skin. 

Replenish with the Ultra Smoothing Body Butter. Rich in Shea Butter that’s packed with Vitamins A for repairing, E for protecting, and F for healing. Olive oil and fatty acid-rich coconut oil intensely hydrates while beeswax forms a barrier to lock it in so skin stays moisturized.

Maximize your results by applying the Kashmere Coconut Oil as you see the purple appearance. This will give you faster results than if you wait until after they have turned white. 

We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin which is why we created these 5 products that will help you carry out your days confidently. `

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