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View All Posts - Essential oils What Your Favorite Essential Oil Says About You

Since our sense of smell is directly correlated to the memory banks stored in our brains, imagine a distinct aroma from childhood. While most scents share common likes and dislikes among the discerning masses, there are scents that undeniably hold a personal peculiarity or particularity for each and every individual. 

Is there a particular perfume or essential oil that invokes a certain mood, emotion, attraction, or outlook, whether pleasurable and bittersweet or unsettling and melancholic, for you?  Let’s get introspective with some of the planet’s most evocative essential oils.


If you tend to favor the sweet, floral fragrance of lavender oil, you are a kind, gentle being who tries immeasurably to avoid awkward, hurtful confrontations at all costs. You enjoy the quiet,” low-key” kind of life – are not so much a party person  – and unequivocally value quality over quantity in all aspects of life. You’re persnickety when it comes to the people and things that mean the most to you – your time, your solitude, your loved ones, your family, your fantasies, your passions – for which you don’t part very easily from. You’re as soothing and consoling as your own very beloved bedtime pillow mist. French Lavender Oil.


If you're drawn to the fresh, “pep-in-your-step” scent of peppermint, you’re a natural-born healer. You’re always there when friends, family, or loved ones need a mental “pick-me-up” or just a kind, honest ear to listen. You’ll go to the ends of the earth for those you adore and cherish and have no qualms with speaking up for what you passionately believe in. You’re like a ball of fire wherever you go. Peppermint Oil.


You love, appreciate, and yearn for a home that is clean, with an uplifting aura that is invigorating, energizing and inviting. You relish in entertaining guests and making home-cooked, extravagant meals for anyone who enters your home. Your bubbly personality and sunny disposition are characteristically magnetic and infectious. Italian Lemon Oil.

Tea Tree

If you are arguably drawn to the unmistakably medicinal and earthy aroma of tea tree essential oil, you’re most likely an outdoorsy, woodsy one with an equally earthy persona. Tea tree oil is one of the most gentle oils you can use on the body, which makes you a healer, the inarguable personification of a “walking” medicine cabinet. You’re very grounded and mindful. Tea Tree Oil.


A lover of this unforgettable, distinct floral fragrance is a hopelessly true romantic – of everything! You value the finer things in life and exude impeccable taste in material possessions (But, hey, we’re not judging!). You love admiring art, people, places, things and have a particularity for all things luxurious. You long to travel the world and lovingly marvel at the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and artwork. Get unleashed by dropping some rose essential oil into our iconic, one-of-a-kind Kashmere Kollections Diffuser Necklace and channel your inner Aphrodite.


Eucalyptus lovers are as razor sharp, focused and sensual as their favorite fragrance. Admirers of eucalyptus often look at any situation in life with the highest of clarity and are often known for being valuable, dependable and indispensable. Those who love the relaxing, soul-soothing, body-benefitting essence of eucalyptus are naturally fond of finding holistic remedies, so you may not find them roaming the aisles of the local 24-hour pharmacy. Eucalyptus Oil.


If the citrus scent with aromatic under notes of bitter-sweet makes you melt, or you routinely indulge in the classic Earl Grey Black Tea, you are a lover of bergamot essential oil. The attraction to the simultaneously uplifting and calming essences of bergamot means you have a very endearing and alluring “elusiveness” that captivates those around you. Intriguing and intellectual, calculated and cool, yet vivacious and free-spirited, bergamot enthusiasts are the complete package. You see obstacles as opportunities and positivity in adversity. Those who enjoy the satisfying complexities of bergamot are usually thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, and like to wander along the road less traveled. You are emotionally-balanced, deservingly content, diplomatic, and possess admirable traits and tendencies of the mysterious variety. Bergamot Oil.

Do you have a preferred perfume or essential oil you can’t live without?  We’d love to know! Share your scents of self with us in the comments below. 

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